CD Design Credits

Roger Hurricane Wilson "Hurricane Blues
CD, 1994
Trick Bag 
"River of Blues
 CD, 1995
The Legendary Night Shadows
Volume 1  
CD (1 of 3), 1995
The Legendary Night Shadows
Volume 2 
CD (2 of 3), 1997
Blues Mafia
"The Hot Dog President" CD Single, 1998
Ron Norris/Bullitthead 
"No Regrets
CD, 1998
Roger Hurricane Wilson
"The Business of the Blues
CD, 1998
Sammy Blue
"Everythang & Mo'
CD, 2000
Roger Hurricane Wilson 
"Live at the Stanhope House" CD, Feb 2001
Big Al Jano & 
The Blues Mafia
CD (Sept 2001)

Keith Andersen,
CD Tribute for Sept 11th (2001)

The Legendary Night Shadows Volume 3 
(CD 3 of 3), Sept. 2002

Hot 2 Trot CD

Big Al Jano
Some of My Best Friends Have the Blues (2007

Secret Lover Featuring Delanna Protas
Power Pop Deluxe (2008

Based on my graphic design work in the music industry, 
I qualified and joined as a voting member of the
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)